Top 5: Cosy Reads for Autumn

Today is the 22nd of September, the Autumn equinox, and the perfect day to share 5 of my favourite reads for cosy days. Perfect for hiding from the wind and rain that’s likely heading our way. My wonderful bestie Mia, The Cosy Reader, just shared her 5 favourite cosy autumnal reads as well. You can find her blog post here!image1 (33) Continue reading

Top 5: Favourite Meraki Candles

So far my series of Top 5’s has mainly been about books, so I thought I would do a post about bookish candles. Meraki Candles is my favourite candle shop and the postage is really affordable in Europe, because the shop is based in Scotland (also the owner Heather is also lovely). You can find the shop on Etsy here!image1 (2) Continue reading

Top 5: Auto Buy Authors

Melissa, who blogs over at Rabid.Reads, said she was doing a post about her auto buy authors, so I thought I would do one as well. Creating this list made me realise just how many of the books I own I haven’t read yet… so I didn’t have many favourite authors to pick from but I am happy with my list! I hope you enjoy, let me know who your auto buy authors are!

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Top 5: Book Series I Won’t Finish

This weekend I thought I would tell you about five book series I don’t plan on continuing. On this blog I only talk about, and review, books I have enjoyed so I am excited to be talking about books I didn’t like so much (+ the one I hated). Each of these is pretty popular and was released a while ago, so I don’t feel too bad for saying I’m not continuing.

I only hated one of these books, so if you have any of the others on your TBR I still reccomend you read them. Don’t let this post sway you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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Top 5: Authors I’d love to have tea with!

I was trying to think of ideas for new Top 5 posts with a cup of tea and it hit me, which authors would I love to sit down and have tea with? Which authors would I love to ask a million questions about writing and their books? I hope you enjoy, let me know who you’d love to have tea with.

(I would be far too nervous to have tea with any of these wonderful women… but for the sake of this post let’s ignore that!) Continue reading

Top 5: Anticipated 2017 Releases

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will have seen my announcement… I am publishing my first book in 2017! That’s all I will say for now but I’ll be sharing a post with more information and the title soon!

I thought I would share the five (actually seven…) 2017 releases that I am currently the most excited about! This year I am focusing on decreasing my TBR and reading the books I’ve already bought, so I’m aiming to not buy many books – other than new releases I am excited for. Continue reading