My 2017 Writing Goals

Today I thought I would answer the 2017 writing goals questions from one of the recent Beautiful Book’s questionnaires, you can find the original post here! As you may know I am publishing my first book in 2017, so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my other writing goals for the year!bb Continue reading

Beautiful People (September Edition)

You may remember when I did the July edition of Beautiful People and introduced you to one of my main characters Morven – if not you can read about her here!

Every month Paper Fury and Further up Further in set 10 questions for writers to answer about their characters (find out more about Beautiful people here!) I missed the August edition so I thought I would do September’s and introduce you to another of my main characters called Freya!

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Pokemon Go Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Nazima who blogs over at Enchanted Bookcase as well as Sakina over at A Forest of Books and Memories to do the Pokemon Go tag which was created by Read At Midnight you can read her original post here!


I think I was tagged by someone else but I can’t remember who sorry (if you let me know I will add you in!) I have loved Pokemon even since I went to see a Pokemon film in the cinema for my 5th birthday and spent my childhood 2 seconds away from snapping my Gameboy Advance in half because I couldn’t get though ice caves or defeat the Pokemon League.

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Beautiful People (July Edition)

Hello, I stumbled across Beautiful People whilst browsing through Paper Fury‘s blog. Every month Paper Fury and Further up Further in set 10 questions for writers to answer about their characters. It lets others learn a little about your characters and helps you get to know them better as well!

I thought it would be fun to do this months Beautiful People and let you all get to know Morven from my first book a little better, I hope you enjoy reading!

Beautiful People

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The Outlander Book Tag

Today has been a strange day. On one hand I hate that the UK has voted to leave the EU, but on the other I am so proud that in Scotland we voted to stay (although we are being dragged out anyway). Anyway, I thought I would do the Outlander Book Tag which was created by Sasha aka ABookUtopia on YouTube because I am feeling extra Scottish today! I found the questions on ItsABookishThing13’s blog so here is the link to her Outlander book Tag!

I hope you have fun reading this post, I had fun doing it and it really cheered me up!


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Most Likely to… (Book Tag)

I found this book tag over on AFrolicThroughFiction and thought it looked like fun. You can check out Ashleigh’s version of this tag here!

This is how the ‘most likely to’ tag works:

  1. Write down 18 character names on pieces of paper then fold them up so you can’t see the names.
  2. Pick out 3 names at a time.
  3. Each round has 3 possible actions – you decide which character is the most likely to do each one.

I am not sure if you are supposed to make up new questions or if you just answer the ones already there, so I am going to use the same ones as Ashleigh – Let’s get started!

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