Writing Q&A

I have another Q&A for you all! This time I am answering questions related to writing.

Firstly, I have to say that I am in no way an expert on writing. I tried writing for the first time in October 2015 and so I am still very new to this whole thing. I do not have any published work and despite my lovely friends and critique partner liking my work, it could still be pretty rubbish. Take my answers with a pinch of salt!

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Bookstagram Q&A

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you so much to everyone who is taking the time to read this post. I have spent months angrily trying and failing to set up a blog. I am surprised that I ever made it far enough to write this post… surprised and proud. Thankfully, I have very simple taste and so a simple theme suits me just fine.

As some of you may know, I have a bookstagram account called WeeReader. I have been on bookstagram since 2014 and over that time I have had so much fun and met so many wonderful people. I thought that I would ask if anyone has any questions and make my first blog post a Q&A. Whilst I do share things about my life on bookstagram, I still keep things quite private and so this is a chance for you to get to know me!

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