My Historical Fiction TBR

I am writing this blog post because I am currently in the mood to buy books, but I am on a ban. I started watching Versailles, set in 1600s France, and I am absolutely loving it. It’s put me in such a historical fiction mood so I thought I’d write this post and share some of the historical fiction books on my TBR that I am most excited to read!image1 (12) Continue reading

Dumbledore’s Army Readathon TBR

Here is my TBR for the Dumebledore’s Army Readathon which was created by Read at Midnight. You can check out her original post about it here, but I will try to explain a little anyway. I am so excited to be taking part, in 2016 I really became aware of how much my reading lacked diversity, so I am excited to be taking my first step towards changing that and broadening my mind!

It is a Harry Potter themed readathon focusing on reading diversity and own voices books. I have added a quote from Read at Midnight’s post which explains diversity well below. Own voices books are books written by authors who are marginalised in the same way as their characters.

Any book that features a diverse experience such as LGBTQIA, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender diversity, indigenous, neurodiversity, people with disabilities – Read at Midnight

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