Meeting Sarah J Maas

On the 11th of October 2016 I got to meet my inspiration and favourite author in the whole world, Sarah J Maas. If you’ve followed my blog and Instagram for a while, or read any of my posts about writing, then you will know that I adore Sarah and am constantly inspired and motivated by her.

I was that annoying person who kept sending Bloomsbury tweets not so subtly suggesting that Sarah visit Scotland, her first UK England tour sadly didn’t have a date up here. When the news was announced tha she was coming to Glasgow I freaked out (and maybe teared up a little). Then using some dodgy WiFi in a hotel in Berlin I managed to get tickets for myself, my sister and FictionTea (that makes my life sound so exciting…)

I can barely put into words just how much Sarah J Maas means to me, but I tried my best. I hope you enjoy!

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