Wrap-Up: July 2017

JulyWrap-Up2017This afternoon I have my July wrap up for you. I managed to read 5 books and a magazine/book this month which I am pretty pleased about. My book, The Changeling’s Journey, was released at the end of this month and I spent 4 days in London attending YALC and Comic Con. July was a great month!

Sealskin by Su Bristow – 4/5 starssk

First I read Sealskin, which was kindly sent to me by the publisher, they also sent me a copy to give away which is always fun. I had mixed feelings about this book, which featured selkies from Scottish folklore, but I enjoyed it. I liked Bristow’s writing and that it was set in a small isolated fishing community in the north of Scotland. You can find my more detialed spoiler-free review (including trigger warnings) here!

Goodreads and cover image source here!

This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab – 5/5 stars.tss

Next I buddy read This Savage Song with Rabid Blog, though I accidentally got hooked and read the whole book in a single day. I really wish I’d picked this book up sooner as I absolutely loved it. It follows a human called Kate and a monster called August in a divided city. I absolutely loved the idea of this book and I can’t wait to read the sequel. You can read my spoiler-free review here!

Goodreads and cover image source here!

The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May – 5/5 stars.tfk

This is the final book in The Falconer trilogy, and what an ending it was! I can’t say much as this is the final book, though I have a more detailed spoiler-free review here. I thought that the character development was brilliant in this one and I was so pleased with how the series ended. I actually met the author at YALC and I was a disaster, I was so nervous I ended up bright red with nothing to say. She was lovely though!

 Goodreads and cover image source here!

The Suffragettes by Various – 4/5 stars.27251758

My sister got me this book a while ago and I finally picked it up. It was only 60-ish pages but I am so glad I read it. It was a very interesting book full of newspaper articles, pamphlets, posters, letters and legal documents surrounding the suffragette movement in the UK (mainly England). I liked the way it was split into three sections: suffrage, anti-suffrage and victory.

Goodreads and cover image source here!

Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean – 5/5 stars.33148519

This book is set on a sea stac in the St. Kilda archipelago and follows a group of men and boys who become stranded there when the boat from Hirta does not return to collect them. It’s set in 1727 and based on a true story. I really loved McCaughrean’s writing and despite this book being aimed towards younger teens, I really enjoyed it. Though it’s set on a stac in the middle of the sea, the world-building was brilliant. You can check out my more detailed spoiler-free review here!

Goodreads and cover image source here!

Inside the Medieval World by National Geographic – 5/5 stars.itmw

I thought this was a magazine, but it calls itself a book so I am including it towards my Goodreads goal this year. It’s a brief overview of the medieval world, with each chapter following a century. It goes from the year 400 all the way to 1500. I thought it gave a good overview of historical events and I liked that it spoke about Western European Christendom, Eastern European Byzantium and Middle Eastern Islam in each chapter. I wish the book was triple the size so it could have given detailed information about the whole world, as it was written with the Mediterranean and surrounding countries as its focus.

Goodreads and cover image source here!

I’ll be writing monthly wrap-ups throughout 2017. You can check out what I read in previous months here: JanuaryFebruary,  MarchApril & May & June!

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12 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: July 2017

  1. SUPER CONGRATULATIONS ON THE RELEASE OF YOUR BOOK!!!! I’ve been following you on insta/twitter for a few months and i’m so excited to see your book has finally been released! The cover is also absolutely beautiful! I’ve been wanting to read The Falconer for some time and may have to pick it up soon!

  2. Congrats on the release of your book! That’s so exciting! I’m buddy reading This Savage Song in August (*unintended pun*) and I can’t wait to get to it! The Falconer trilogy also sounds really good!😊

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