Book Buddy from MelvisMakes!

Today I am talking about a book related product that I recently bought. I have been looking for a pouch to keep books safe in my bag for a long time. I know there are companies in the USA and Australia that make these, but they are so expensive (and so is the postage) that I could never justify it. So I was over the moon when LittleBookwormIG told me about Melvis Makes!

image2 (5)

Melvis Makes is a UK based company that makes lots of different homeware.  The item I am talking to you about today is their book buddy! Their fabric book buddies have a soft cushioned inside layer to keep your book safe and come in a variety of sizes! I’ll include information about their current sizes and prices below:

  • Small book buddies: 9″ x 7″ (average paperback) – £11
  • Medium Book Buddies: 10″ x 8″ (larger paperbacks or small hardback books) – £12.50
  • Large Book Buddies: 11″ x 8.5″ (standard hardbacks) –  £13.50
  • XL Book Buddies: 12″ x 9.5″ (biggest & chunkiest of books) – £15.00

image1 (21)

In the UK postage is only £1.50 so the whole item ends up being a very reasonable price, especially for an item that looks so cute and I will get lots of use out of. Here are the postage prices for some other countries:

  • Australia – £5.00
  • Germany (and most of Europe) – £4.50
  • South Africa – £4.50
  • Japan – £5.00
  • USA – £5.00

image3 (1)

I bought a medium book buddy as I can only ever see myself carrying around paperbacks and small hardcovers. I absolutely adore it and can definitely see myself reading more on the go now that my books will be safe! I ordered the pink unicorn print with a mint green lining – it’s not on their Etsy right now, but may return!

It’s hard to talk about a product without sounding like an advert, but I promise I paid for this with my own money and was not sent it!

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3 thoughts on “Book Buddy from MelvisMakes!

  1. Thank you so much for writing a review of your Book Buddy! I really appreciate it 💕

    This design is out of stock right now as it’s been so popular but will be restocked shortly! 😍

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