The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May – Review

Today I have my spoiler-free review of The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May for you. This is the final book in The Falconer trilogy and you can check out my spoiler-free reviews of the first two books here: The Falconer & The Vanishing Throne. This series follows a Scottish girl called Aileana Kameron in Edinburgh in the 1800’s. The books are filled with fae and Scottish / Celtic folklore, I loved them!image1 (20)

The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May – The Falconer, #3

  • US hardcover – 389 pages
  • Release date:  13th of June 2017
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • ISBN: 1452128839
  • Goodreads page for The Fallen Kingdom here!

A great ending to one of my favourite trilogies ever. I will say that I liked the second book, The Vanishing Throne, more but I still loved this one. I’m just so happy to see a YA book set in Scotland with a FEMALE Scottish main character – so I am more than a little biased.

The character development was really great. I loved that we learned a lot more about the secondary characters in this final book, it’s always great when the ‘evil characters’ get a lot of development as a series progresses. I also liked that the main character had faults. She was ridiculously stubborn and verging on cruel at times, and it was great to read about a character genuinely struggling with the situations around her. It all felt very realistic.

I won’t say much, because I don’t want to give anything away, but this book takes place in a smaller space than the previous books (it makes sense when you read it). It was really interesting and I think it showed how great a writer May is, but as a reader who loves world-building it was a little frustrating. That’s just me though, I wanted to see all of Scotland and explore more, like we did the previous books.

The fae and the magic, inspired heavily by Scottish and Celtic folklore, expanded even further in this book and I absolutely adored it. It makes me so happy to see Scottish folklore in a YA fantasy written well and used origionally (though it really makes me realise how bad I am at pronouncing Gaelic words). There was a particular part of folklore added to this book that surprised me so much. It was SO well done!

I thought that this was a great end to the trilogy. The story wrapped up well and I felt like each of the three books were really individual. Each gave us something new and a different reading experience, which I really enjoyed. This book made me cry (more than once) and I am definitely sad that it’s over.

I can’t wait to see what May brings out next!

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