The Changeling’s Journey – cover reveal!

I am so excited to finally be revealing the cover of my debut novel, The Changeling’s Journey, below! You can also find the blurb and information about the cover designers beneath the cover! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Don’t forget you can add The Changeling’s Journey on Goodreads here!

 – Click to reveal the cover – be sure to let me know what you think! –CoverOption2(2)

Ailsa is dead. Leaving Morven the last surviving changeling in the village. Everyone knows it is only a matter of time before she too is dead. Desperate to find out why the fairies steal human babies, and to save her own life, she leaves her family behind, travelling north into the fairy kingdoms with her best friend.

They soon find that making their way through vast magical forests, across kelpie-ridden lochs and over seemingly endless mountain ranges is more than they were prepared for. Despite the countless evenings spent listening to stories about adventures, fairies and magic, they find themselves out of their depth. Fighting to stay alive.

Meanwhile in the fairy kingdoms, Princess Freya of Culhuinn struggles to cope with life now that her love has been taken from her. Whilst Queen Euna of Norbroch spends more time lost in her memories than she does ruling her kingdom.

One changeling’s journey to save her life will alter their world forever.

Cover art by Leesha Hannigan:

Cover lettering by Lauren Cassidy:

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You can add my first book, The Changeling’s Journey, on Goodreads here!


21 thoughts on “The Changeling’s Journey – cover reveal!

  1. Wow, the cover turned out gorgeous! I’m amazed how well the fonts complement the artwork. Congrats on your book being one step closer to going out in the world!

  2. Holy crapola that is amazing! Congrats! I haven’t been following you for very long so I wasn’t aware you were writing anything so this is amazing! I can’t wait to read it, it sounds so good! 🙂

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