Writing Update: May 2017

Last year I said I would post regular writing updates, then only posted my August & September 2016 writing updates. Since then I have completing my final year of university and worked on editing my first book. Keep reading to find out about my debut novel release and my summer writing plans!image1 (10)

The Changeling’s Journey

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you may have seen me announce the title of my first book, The Changeling’s Journey! The Goodreads page for the book is here. You can add it to your TBR if a story about a changeling travelling north into the fairy kingdoms to try and save her life sounds like your cup of tea!

When I updated you the book was at around 105,000 words, it has since then dropped to around 103,000 words as I edited more thoroughly and cut out everything that wasn’t needed. I am finally happy with the story, and so any edits I make now are to fix mistakes and use the feedback from my beta readers.

It has been so exciting having beta readers read my book. I love hearing what they do, and don’t like. Every mistake that they find makes me feel a little more confident. I will soon be ready to get early copies printed!

A few days ago I received the cover art for my book, and it is absolutely perfect. I am in love with it and think it captures the world so perfectly. Now I am working with another artist to finish the cover and then design the spine and back cover. The map of my world is almost completed, I just need to name two final places and it’s done!christine_instagramcover

Here is the art I used to announce my book title! It was created by the wonderful Brittney who blogs over at Her Bookish Things!

The book cover will be released on Monday the 22nd at 3pm (BST) on my TwitterInstagram and this blog!

I am currently on track to release the book in July, however I haven’t yet announced a specific date. I won’t do that until I am completely ready. This will mean that the book is not up for pre-order for very long, but as my book is self-published and a debut novel I think the chances of many people pre-ordering may have been slim anyway.

My Summer Writing Plans

I am hoping to go back to university after the summer, and so I am dedicating this summer to writing. Since I last did a writing update I have been writing on and off, this means I now have around 40k of the second book I plan to publish set in my fantasy world. I hope to finish the first draft of that book this summer, however it needs a lot of editing so I haven’t started working on it again yet.

Instead I have been working on the third book I plan to publish instead. I only have around 5 chapters of this book written so far, but I am really loving writing it. It feels good to sit down and write, without having to edit, for the first time in over a year. I am going to see how much of this book I can write in May as I work on the final edits of The Changeling’s Journey.

I hope you enjoyed this writing update, I will do another this summer when I’ve made a little more progress with my other projects. Let me know how your own writing is going!

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You can add my first book, The Changeling’s Journey, on Goodreads here!


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