A Trip to Nottingham

At the end of March I travelled down to Nottingham to stay with Mia, who blogs over at thecosyreader! Mia and I started talking about writing over a year ago, neither of us can remember when, and since then became critique partners and best friends! I had such a great time visiting her, so I thought I’d write a little blog post about it.image2 (3)

I had never been to Nottingham before because it’s in the East Midlands which isn’t an area I’ve visited on trips down south to England. I was very excited to go and see Mia, but also because I love Robin Hood! This was my first time ever travelling a large distance by myself, so I was feeling very mature and independant haha.

image1 (7)Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle.

I bought a gorgeous leather-bound Barnes and Noble edition of Robin Hood, as I’ve never actually read the tales before. When I was younger I loved the Robin Hood TV series on the BBC. After a wander around Waterstones, we visited Nottingham Castle, which is really Robin Hood themed both inside the castle and the gardens. So that was a lot of fun. I love buying these leather bookmarks in tourist shops around the UK, and I also couldn’t resist the flower crown for bookstagram pictures.

image1 (6)

Mia was kind enough to let me use her props to take bookstagram pictures, so for a while my Instagram theme was basically her theme. I’ve included some of the pictures throughout this post.

I had such a wonderful time meeting Mia again! Whilst I was there I did some more planning for a future book and managed to get a lot of writing done. She planned some books as well. I sometimes feel weirdly embarrassed telling people about my book ideas, but that never happens with Mia. Though our writing styles are quite different, we can still talk about writing for hours and hours – especially when burnt caramel lattes are involved.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you’ve travelled anywhere new recently!

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6 thoughts on “A Trip to Nottingham

  1. I`ve travelled to Nottingham recently and even though Robin Hood is not that close to my heart I enjoyed the stay a lot! It`s a lovely city 🙂

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