Celtic Tales: illustrated by Kate Forrester – Review

Today I have a short review of this book of Celtic Tales, which was published by Chronicle Books in 2016. I always like to browse through the section of Scottish books in Waterstones, and I was so excited when I found this one! It’s such a beautiful collection.image1 (2)

Celtic Tales: from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales

  • Illustrations – Kate Forrester
  • UK hardcover – 176 pages
  • Release date: 30th August 2016
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • ISBN: 145215175X
  • Goodreads page for Celtic Tales here!

I loved reading these Celtic tales, especially the tales from Brittany and Wales as I hadn’t read any of those before. Some of the stories from Scotland and Ireland I had read previously, but it was nice to read them in a book rather than online. I really wish I’d had a book like this when I was wee!

The book was split into sections with tales about tricksters, the sea, quests and romance. The stories about the sea and romance were definitely my favourites although I enjoyed them all. I can’t review folklore as the tales have been retold for hundreds of years, so all I can really say is that I enjoyed this book and if you like folklore you probably would as well! The stories are slightly adapted from the original folklore so you may notice a few changes if you are an expert (unlike me).

This is such a beautiful bind up and I am so happy I found it. I love the illustrations by Kate Forrester on the cover, and then the picture at the beginning of each story. I really love her simplistic style and the colours pallet they used for this book. You can see an example of one of the pictures below!image2 (2)

I’ll definitely keep my eye out for any future bind ups of folklore from Chronicle Books!

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