Meeting Samantha Shannon: The Song Rising Launch Party

I was lucky enough to win a ticket to the launch party for The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon which is the third book in The Bone Season series, it was held in a venue called The Caves in Edinburgh on the 7th of March! This was the first launch party I’ve ever attended so I thought I’d write a blog post about it. I hope you enjoy!image1 (1)

I was so excited when I heard that the launch party was being held in Edinburgh, then was even more excited when all of my friends and my sister managed to win tickets as well. It was an amazing night as I got to meet up with with some Scots from the book community that I’d previously only spoken to on Instagram and Twitter. I went with: KarinareadsfictionteaMeraki Candlesshannons.bookshelfmagicallybookish and Under a Mound of Books!

image2 (1)

This picture above shows the venue in The Caves! The picture doesn’t show it very well but it was a pretty creepy venue, with dramatic music playing and candles lining the walls. I liked the venue, but standing on a stone floor for a few hours is very uncomfortable so I would have enjoyed it better if they had added chairs (I sound so lazy…)

Because none of us had ever went to a book launch before we had no idea what to expect, so felt a little awkward to begin with. We saw lots of YA authors, many from down in England, together so we just stayed in our little group and chatted. It was great to catch up with everyone, but as we didn’t know what would happen next we weren’t sure if we would get a chance to speak to the author.

Luckily, that all disappeared when Samantha Shannon appeared and did a little speech, thanking those who helped her with the book and telling us a little about how important dystopian novels are. It made me so excited to get my hands on The Song Rising  (which still hasn’t arrived… thanks Bloomsbury!)

After her little speech a queue formed and we got to get our books signed. As it was her launch party, not a hurried signing, we all got a chance to speak with her which was great. I told her how excited I was to read the book (as I’ve heard parts take place in Edinburgh) and she asked me if I was WeeReader!! It was so difficult to remain calm after she recognised me, but hopefully she didn’t notice me turn bright red.

So, I had a great time at the launch party despite my initial nerves when we arrived. I was so happy to finally meet Samantha Shannon and we got some free badges (which you can see in the picture above) and temporary tattoos! We had all secretly hoped that there would be some Bone Season inspired cakes at the launch but sadly, there wasn’t… haha!

Thank you so much to Bloomsbury (who will never see this blog post) for hosting the competition and inviting us to the launch party! I really enjoyed the experience and now, when I see authors talking about their launch parties, I’ll know what they’re like!

Samantha Shannon is the third author I’ve ever met, if you want to read about the times I met V. E. Schwab and Sarah J Maas just follow the links!

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9 thoughts on “Meeting Samantha Shannon: The Song Rising Launch Party

  1. The caves looked so cool! So fitting for The Song Rising 🙂 I went to the launch in London which was great but no where near a cool a setting as in Edinburgh 😉 Hope you get The Song Rising soon it’s amazing!!

      1. Yeah in Waterstones Piccadilly but it just felt like an ordinary author event – it was so good though! She’s so inspiring to listen to and I loved how she chatted at the signing 🙂 I loved The Song Rising it was absolutely amazing.

        1. Aww that’s fun. I kind of wish I had just went to a signing, because at the party she was of course just hanging out with her friends. Still, a very interesting experience!

          1. That’s what it felt like at the one I went to – a panel and a signing but it said launch party on the website…

  2. Ah, this is amazing! Sounds like you had a lot of fun – I really, really want to meet Samantha; she seems like such a lovely, intelligent person, and that’s so freaking cool that she recognized you! Goals. xD (I’m lowkey craving cake now).

    1. Fun but also an awkward hour not knowing what was happening haha! She is so lovely, if she ever does another signing here I’ll definitely go to that so I can listen to her talk about her books more! haha, aren’t we all always craving cake?!

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