The Last One by Alexandra Oliva – Review

Today I have a review of The Last One by Alexandra Oliva for you. I was sent this book by the US Penguin in 2016, and I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to read it! I absolutely loved this book and was hooked from the first line.image2

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

  • US Hardcover – 304 pages
  • Release date: 12th July 2016
  • Published by Ballantine Books
  • ISBN: 1101965088
  • Goodreads page for The Last One here!

This is the fastest I have read a book in months, I just couldn’t put it down!

The Last One follows Zoo, a woman who goes on a survival programme to have one last adventure before settling down to have children. Unbeknown to her, a pandemic breaks out leaving the outside world in chaos. As she, and the other 12 contestants, are cut off from the outside world they don’t know that it’s happened.

In this book we got chapters from Zoo’s POV trying to survive and thinking she is completing solo missions, occasional chapters which show online comments from the public about the programme, and finally a chapter which shows the first week of the survival programme.

Those last chapters were interesting as the narrator spoke about the programme, talking about what the editors and producers would cut to sway the public’s opinion and commenting on what the public would think of certain events. It was also when we were given hints about the disaster unfolding in the outside world. In this chapter the characters were called things like “Tracker” and “Air Force“, using the characteristics that got them chosen for the programme. This meant that the book had quite a diverse group of characters which was good!

As it’s a survival book we really saw Zoo pushed to her limits and the whole plot was so cleverly planned. I could never guess what was going to happen or how the book was going to end. I was really invested in her story and it had me crying at more than one point. The fact that she thought she was on a programme was clever, heartbreaking and frustrating all at once!

I won’t say much more as it’s best to go into the book not knowing much, but I really can’t recommend this book enough! I love Oliva’s writing and hope to see more books from her in the future, it’s such a brilliant debut.

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