Nerdy Post: Fantastic Beasts Box

Today I have an unboxing of the December Nerdy Post box which was Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them themed! I have loved every box, but I think that this one might be my favourite so far!npf1Nerdy Post is the only box I buy from the US because the shipping is so affordable as the box only includes light items – not a book. It’s an amazing deal for hand-lettered merch! Lets move on to the items!

Poster and Stickers

Just look at this beautiful poster that Alexis designed! It is so intricately detailed and I’m seriously blown away by the quality. I definitely think this might be my favourite poster so far! For this box she teamed up with the amazingly talented tattoo artist @teawulfe on Instagram to design stickers for the box. I got the unicorn and phoenix sticker as well as the cute little bowtruckle! npf2

Bookmark and Mini-Print

This box included a double-sided bookmark and a double-sided mini-print. This month we got a bookmark for our Ilvermorny house! My house is Pukwudgie (according to Pottermore), and I especially love the yellow side of the bookmark!

The mini-print features one of my favourite quotes from the film as well as an advert for Giggle Water! I really know nothing about lettering, but I feel like Alexis did an amazing job at capturing the era in her art this month!


I haven’t yet worked out to do with my badges from the Nerdy Post boxes, but I need to hurry up and decide because I LOVE this month’s badge so much! It’s simplistic but detailed, and shows features from a range of magical creatures. Doesn’t Magizoologist just sound like an amazing job?!npf6

Mini-Print, Notebook and Postcard

The information card for this box has such a wonderful design on the other side, I love the quote about not worrying and Alexis lettered it so beautifully. We got quite a large notebook in this box, and I love that it’s designed to look like Newt’s case of beasts! Finally we have the postcard which you can colour in yourself. I love that each month it follows the theme. My picture isn’t the best, but you can just see the cute little Niffler at the bottom!npf3

I hope you enjoyed this post! The next Nerdy Post is Sherlock themed, and you have until the 30th of January to get your hands on one! You can find out more at!

Alexis also recently started Nerdy Tees, where each month you can get a t-shirt for the fandom chosen! Each hand designed by Alexis! This month’s is also Sherlock themed!

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8 thoughts on “Nerdy Post: Fantastic Beasts Box

  1. oh my gosh these goodies are gorgeous! I may have to looking to starting this book! Fantastic Beasts is a great movie 😀 Can’t wait to buy it on DVD

  2. I loooooveeeeee what’s in this box! So jealous I haven’t subscribed yet! The Sherlock one is going to be amazing!

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