Meraki Candles: Myths & Legends Box

Today I have an unboxing of the Myths & Legends box from Meraki Candles! I have unboxed their Villainous  and Fae Lands boxes in the past, so Heather was kind enough to send me this one for free! (Don’t worry my review it still all my own honest opinions.)meraki-ml-1

First, I will talk about the myths and legends themed candles. This box had a really good variety of scents, and I loved them all:

  • Atlantis – This candle smells like coolwater and dewberry, and I really like it. I am the worst at describing scents, but it smells quite fresh? I hope that makes sense.
  • Robin Hood – This one smells like moss, oak and amber and surprisingly it’s quite a sweet scent! I don’t have any candles which smell like this one, so I am interested to see what it’s like when it’s burning.
  • Jinn – I think this candle might be my favourite one I’ve ever gotten in one of these boxes! It smells like musk, amber and spice – the combination of the three reminds me of gingerbread which is amazing!
  • Persephone – This one smells like pomegranate and spring, and I love it! It’s a really amazing fruity scent that I think I will burn in the summertime!


Next I am moving on to the myths and legends themed items included in the box:

  • First we got two gorgeous stickers of mythical creatures, I especially love the mermaid one!
  • As with every box there was a bookmark and card describing the contents of the box designed by Dinomyteart, this month’s design looks so awesome!
  • Third, we got a bookmark from the Etsy shop Till and Dill. I have seen people talking about these bookmarks over on bookstagram so I was really excited get one!


Moving on to the final two items (I apologise for the terrible picture):

  • I was so excited to see a Nessie soap from Behind The Pages! The scent is lakes, pine and musk and it smells so good! I don’t want to use it, I just want to save it!
  • Finally we have an Odyssey necklace from From the Page! I love book necklaces so much, so I was really excited when I spotted this one!


I hope you enjoyed this unboxing, and a big thank you to Meraki Candles for sending me this box! If you want to buy a box it’s £17.99 + £3.50 shipping in the UK. There are Meraki Candle reps over on bookstagram with 10% off codes you can use, so in total it is only  £19.69!

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