Nerdy Post: Outlander Box

Today I have an unboxing and review of the October Outlander themed Nerdy Post box for you. Nerdy Post is a monthly subscription box filled with book themed, hand-lettered items. Each month contains a poster, a double-sided bookmark, a sticker and a postcard you can colour in. It also includes other items which alternate between things like notepads and badges. You can find out more about Nerdy Post at their website!


Nerdy Post is the only box I buy from the US because the shipping is so affordable. As the box includes light items and does not include a book, it only costs around £13.95 + £10.70 postage! Considering how much it would cost to buy the items separately, its an amazing deal for hand-lettered merch!

Poster / Print

Every Nerdy Post box includes one full-sized poster with a quote from the months theme, and this month’s did not disappoint. Look at how beautiful this quote is, I love the peeks of the Scottish highlands in the background. I will be framing this as soon as possible!n1

Double-sided Bookmark

The first side of the bookmark is a gorgeous blue with the quote “Don’t be afraid there’s two of us now” which all Outlander fans will recognise, then the other side has the quote “Does it ever stop? The wanting you”. I love the celtic knots on the red side inspired by Jamie, and the colours on the blue side inspired by Claire. All of the Nerdy Post bookmarks have this amazing soft waxy feel (it’s honestly worth a box just to sit and stroke the bookmarks).


Firstly, I have to say that the badge is amazing quality! “Je Suis Prest” is the motto of Clan Fraser (one of the main families in Outlander), so it’s such a great piece for fans to have. Another thing I love about Nerdy Post is the items are, for the most part, exclusive to the box and I love being one of the few to own each item.


I am in love with this Sassenach sticker, I love all the swirls and the gorgeous green tartan Alexis designed. Sassenach is a derogatory term for an English person, but all Outlander fans will know that it’s Jamie’s cute nickname for Claire! I am not sure where I will stick this yet, but I love it!


Magnetic Bookmarks

These mini little magnetic bookmarks might just be my favourite thing, I am a sucker for character bookmarks. Each box contained either Jamie or Claire but as I am part of “Team Nerdy Post”, aka friends with Alexis and sometimes attempt to give advice on designs, I was lucky enough to receive both!

Sometimes Nerdy Post collaborates with other designers, and these were designed by Shari Scribbles on Etsy! You can actually buy the Jamie and Claire bookmarks from her shop here!

Mini Poster / Print

This is actually the card with all the information about the month’s items, but of course Alexis hand-lettered a beautiful quote on the front. I love that everything she includes is so thoughtfully designed, you really do get your moneys worth! (It’s also a perfect size for bookstagram which I love).



Last, but certainly not least, we have the postcard. Each box contains a postcard which matches the months theme. They are always blank so if you are brave enough you can colour them in. I love this months postcard, especially the standing stones!

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing and review of the Outlander Nerdy Post box! This is my favourite box from them so far. You can check out to see what the next theme is. (Remember it’s really affordable for us here in the UK and Europe!)

You can follow the designer Alexis on Instagram @Nerdy.Post to see her amazing hand lettering or @DropAndGiveMeNerdy which is her bookstagram.

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10 thoughts on “Nerdy Post: Outlander Box

  1. You could stick the sticker inside the Outlander book, like on one of the front inside pages or something? Depends if you’re opposed to “defacing” books or not. I normally would be, but after seeing people paint/draw on their copies, little personal details in the front pages seem like a nice idea 🙂

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