Meraki Candles: Villainous Box

Here is my unboxing and review of the Villainous box from Meraki Candles, who’s Etsy shop you can find here! Meraki Candles is an Edinburgh based candle store and they have fast become my favourite place to shop for bookish candles. The shipping is so affordable for the UK and Europe! meraki

The subscription boxes cost £17.99 and the shipping is only £3.50 to the UK. However, the Meraki Candle reps over on bookstagram all have a 10% off code you can use, bringing the price down to  £19.69! I think that’s pretty great for 4 tin candles + book related merch.


I will start with the villain related items included in the box:

  • My favourite thing is the Darkling quote notebook designed by the talented LovelyOwlsBooks! I love the Grisha books so I was very happy to see this and I can’t wait to take pictures with it.
  • Next we have the “Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain” badge, which is a quote from Moriarty in Sherlock. I seem to be collecting badges faster than I can work out what to do with them these days.
  • The “Convince Me” sticker uotes one of the calmest villains ever, President Snow from The Hunger Games.
  • Finally we have the bookmark and print / description card designed by DinoMyteArt!


Moving on to the candles, the box included four villain themed candles so I will tell you a little more about each one and my thoughts:

  • Darkling – This candle smells like “winter, woods and night” and it is amazing. I can’t describe it well but it is exactly what I imagine the Darkling would smell like. I also really love the colour.
  • Black Jack Randall – Smells like “patchouli and cedarwood”, the cedarwood is quite strong on this one but I think it matches the character perfectly. I totally imagine this is what someone would smell like back in the 1700s!
  • Demogorgon – This one smells like “bay, cinnamon and ginger” and I can’t decide if I like it or not. I also haven’t seen Stranger Things so I have no clue what that is (this one I may end up giving to someone who will appreciate it more).
  • Umbridge – This candle smells of “wild rose” and I really love it! It is a gorgeous pink colour and the scent is just perfect for Umbridge. I can totally imagine her office smelling like this.

So to summarise, I loved all of the candles this month other than Demogorgon which I can’t make my mind up about. The Meraki Candle tins are such a great size and I now have quite a large collection! I just can’t resist because they are so affordable.

If you enjoyed this post and want to find out about previous boxes, check out my unboxing and review of last month’s Fae Lands Box (which was also amazing).

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