Meraki Candles: Fae Lands Box

Today I have an unboxing and review of the Fae Lands box from Meraki Candles! Meraki Candles is an Etsy store from Edinburgh which makes bookish and fandom candles. When I saw that their September box was going to be Fae (and Sarah J Maas) themed I couldn’t resist. I love supporting other Scots in the bookish community. If you want to check out their store you can find it here!img_4483

The box cost me £17.99 and the shipping was only £3.50. However, the Meraki Candle reps over on bookstagram all have a 10% off code you can use, so in total it was only  £19.69 which I think is pretty great for four candles and fandom items! The box arrived within a few days of shipping, probably because Glasgow and Edinburgh are very close. So to summarise, great value for money and great delivery time!
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Inside the September Fae Lands box we got four exclusive candles, two were Throne of Glass themed and the other two A Court of Thorns and Roses themed:

  • Velaris – This candle smells like jasmine, sea and freesia (like a certain High Lord we all know and love.) This candle is definitely my favourite from the box, the scent of jasmine is really growing on me as I buy ACOMAF merch!
  • Lysandra – This smells like caramel figs and chestnut! I had to smell this a few times to decide what I thought of it, but I really love the caramel. So this is my 2nd favourite from the box.
  • Prythian – This candle smells like evergreen and musk, exactly what I expected Prythian and the Spring Court to smell like. It’s quite a fresh scent but not one I would burn in my room, I think its more of a hall or dining room smell (I hope this makes sense to anyone who isn’t me…).
  • Ferian Gap – This final candle smells like citrus and cloves and unfortunately I really don’t like it. I like sweet scents so I think the cloves just aren’t my thing. However it is a great colour so I’ll still burn it to use in pictures.

I think that, considering we don’t know what any of scents will be in these monthly boxes, the fact that I love 3 out of 4 of them is great (especially since I can be a little picky with scents). Although I don’t like Ferian Gap, the scent really fits the name so I don’t mind!

img_4488The box also included three other Fae and Sarah J Maas related items:

  • An exclusive necklace with one of my favourite quotes from A Court of Mist and Fury: “To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered.” This necklace is so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it!
  • A Fireheart pocket mirror is the second item. I honestly never really use pocket mirrors but I don’t mind receiving them as they can look good in bookstagram pictures. I love that we got a Throne of Glass item and an ACOMAF item!
  • The final item was a bookmark designed by Callaidh from DinoMyteArt over on Instagram. It looks absolutely gorgeous and you can never have too many bookmarks.

So despite me not loving one of the candles, I absolutely loved the Fae Lands box and I am so glad that I bought it! It’s the perfect box for any Sarah J Maas fan. I have ordered their October box which is the Villainous box (which is out of stock now), and I can’t wait to see what it includes.

If you missed out on the Fae Lands box, don’t worry. Meraki Candles have lots of Sarah J Maas themed bookish candles over on their Etsy shop!

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing and review, I can definitely see me buying their boxes a lot in the future! I don’t buy many subscription boxes, but at only £19.69 I definitely can’t resist this one.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of this post, or let me know what your favourite subscription boxes are! Thank you for reading.

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10 thoughts on “Meraki Candles: Fae Lands Box

  1. This looks like a really great box, especially for the price! Even though I don’t buy subscription boxes, I love these sort of posts so I can be nosey and see what’s inside 😆 I love how the couple of things you wouldn’t usually use, you plan on using them for bookstagram ahaha!

    1. I know! Their next box is going to include 8 items so it’s even better value for money! Hehe yeah I love being nosey as well! And I’m always thinking about bookstagram props! Thanks for reading

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