Beautiful People (September Edition)

You may remember when I did the July edition of Beautiful People and introduced you to one of my main characters Morven – if not you can read about her here!

Every month Paper Fury and Further up Further in set 10 questions for writers to answer about their characters (find out more about Beautiful people here!) I missed the August edition so I thought I would do September’s and introduce you to another of my main characters called Freya!

Beautiful People1. How did you come up with this character?

Freya started simply because I wanted a POV in her kingdom and I wanted to write from the POV of a fairy. I decided why not make her the Princess because my other character Morven is the daughter of a farmer, it’s interesting to have character with very different backgrounds to write about. I was also really annoyed about a certain character in a certain TV programme dying so I was inspired to write my own lesbian couple and pretend that other one didn’t happen.

2. Have they ever been starving? Why? And what did they eat to break the fast?

As Freya the Princess of the kingdom she has never been starving, during the book she actually mentions that she can’t imagine being starving. Even when her life is at its most stressful she still has a healthy appetite.

3. Do they have a talent or skill that they’re proud of?

Freya is quite harsh on herself so I don’t think she has any specific skills that she is proud of. She isn’t gifted with magic like some other fairies and humans throughout the kingdoms. For me though I think she should be proud of how loyal and brave she is, despite her worries.

4. List 3 things that would make them lose their temper.

  1. Her father, the King.
  2. People being horrible / injustice.
  3. She is the kind of person who gets frustrated and cries, so she is mote likely to cry than lose her temper!

5. What is their favourite type of weather? Least favourite?

Sunny weather which allows her to go out riding, and spend time amongst the fields of wildflowers which are a short ride away from the castle. Bad weather which leaves her stuck inside the castle is her least favourite.

6. What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?

I can see Freya being a Hufflepuff definitely! I think she would be the ISFP personality type. They enjoy helping others, enjoy bringing people together, but are less assertive than others and often put off making decisions.

7. Are they more likely to worry about present problems, or freak out about the unknown future?

I think Freya does both, she is a very anxious person. However if I had to choose one I would say that she worries about her present problems a lot and lets them consume her, especially in the form of nightmares.

8. What is their favourite thing to drink?

There are not many drink options in my fantasy world sadly. But I think Freya enjoys teas the most, she isn’t a big alcohol drinker but she usually just drinks whatever is served at meals. She isn’t very fussy!

9. What is their favourite colour? Least favourite?

Freya loves bright colours like yellows, pinks, oranges, purples. I think her least favourite colours are dull colours like grey, brown, black.

10. What is a book that changed their life?

Writing has not yet been developed in my fantasy world so sadly I can’t pick any books! However I think if books were written she would love romance as well as traditional tales (I can’t say fairy tales because she is a fairy!)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had a lot of fun answering the questions and getting to know Freya  a little better. I will definitely take part in October’s edition of Beautiful People and introduce you all to my final POV character!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful People (September Edition)

  1. Oooh I love the name Freya. I drafted a book forever ago with a main character named Freya, but her name got changed and then the draft was just abandoned all together because it made no sense. I also love reading books with princes/princesses in fantasy. It’s nice to see different perspectives off the world they live in. A lot of my characters are usually royalty or super high up socially, haha. Freya sounds like an awesome character though. I mean, from the bits and pieces I know from these posts, your book sounds awesome!

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