Writing Update: August 2016

I thought it would be fun if every month I did a writing update. That way I can update you on what I’ve been doing and it gives me something to look back on. As I hope that next year I can think about publishing my book (which is really scary to say), it’ll be good to keep track of how I am doing with that!

snapseed Editing

After finishing my first draft back in June, I hit a bit of a wall. I wrote around 10,000 words of another book in July and then stopped writing all together for a little while. This month though I finally started editing. I have been really enjoying going back and rereading over all of my work, there was so much that I had forgotten. The lovely Mia who blogs at The Cosy Reader edited around 24 of my chapters earlier in the year and so her comments have been immensely helpful as I edit.

It is strange to look back at chapters I wrote in November 2015 and see how much I have improved since then. Back then I was really bad with tenses and kept switching between writing in the past and present tense. Also, whilst writing I decided that I would wait and name the majority of the characters and places when I edited, so that has been frustrating! I won’t do that with the next book I write!

The Title Disaster of 2016

Whilst browsing in a bookshop I came across a book with the exact title that I had planned to use for my book. Now I know that there can be multiple books with the same title, but it really freaked me out and made me so sad. I thought of the title before I had even finished my first draft and so in my head it’s mine!

I may or may not have had a slight meltdown and wondered why I was even bothering writing a book. Thankfully I got over that and complained to my sister and a few unfortunate friends about it until I felt better. I went searching on Goodreads and found a few books with similar titles, but thankfully after reading their blurbs none of them have a similar plot line to mine. A lot of books seem to take mythology and folklore and throw them into American high school settings.

Writing Interviews

This month I added a For Writers page on my blog  as well as a Writer Interviews page. This was the first month of me interviewing authors and it’s going so well! I have been really surprised by how many writers and authors, both self published and traditionally published, are willing to get involved. I am so happy about it!


Here are some of the songs I have been loving for writing this month!

  1. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts – Ramin Djawadi
  2. The Kiss – Trevor Jones
  3. Guardians At The Gate – Audiomachine
  4. The Duchess – Rachel Portman
  5. Stripped – Shiny Toy Guns (I came across this on a Black Sails fan video…)

A Secret Project

Me and Mia, who blogs over at The Cosy Reader, began working on something this month and it has completely taken over my brain. It has been so brilliant seeing what two minds can do when they come together. We spent a lot of time planning our secret project and have only just started writing in the last few days.

Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

I am sure you have heard that expression, well me and Mia (The Cosy Reader) decided to see what it would be like to write drunk. By drunk I mean tipsy because we only had three drinks each. (I feel like I should mention that we are both over 18 which is the drinking age in the UK and that if you are going to be consuming alcohol be responsible and know your limits).

We decided to colour code our writing so we used pink for one drink, blue for two drinks and green for three drinks. At the beginning we did quite well at planning but as the pink writing went on and we moved onto our second drink the typos become ridiculous! I can’t believe how hard it is to type when you’ve had a drink. When I drink I feel like my eyes go strange and so I had to take off my glasses so that I could focus properly.

The main problem with writing after a few drinks is how often you go off topic and how much time you spend making typos and laughing instead of focusing. We also didn’t stop to use any proper punctuation or differentiate between the two of us typing, so we ended up with 10 pages of nonsense to read through. Luckily we did think of some pretty great ideas and so it wasn’t a completely wasted evening.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first writing update, and I hope that you had a good writing month! I go back to university next month so it will be interesting to see what I manage to get done (hopefully lots of editing).

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!


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