A Little Book Haul

Occasionally I get emails from publishers and authors asking if I would like to review their books. Usually I don’t accept the books because I know I am not the best at quickly churning out reviews and I also don’t really think I deserve them.

Recently I got a few emails about books that I really loved the sound of and so I decided to accept them. I do feel weirdly guilty about it, but let’s just pretend that I don’t. I’ve been watching a lot of Parks and Rec recently so I could practically hear Donna and Tom in my mind saying “Treat yo self…”

Keep reading to see what books I got and find out a little more about them!

I was sent Mist & Whispers by C.M. Lucas, published by Of Tomes. I know the author through Instagram and so she was lovely enough to send me a signed copy of her gorgeous book. I am absolutely in love with the cover and I can’t wait to pick this one up. You can find the fully summary on Goodreads here!

“In the West-English town of Little Wolf Green, Scott’s bookshop is about to close down. Convinced the bookshop holds the key to her mother’s identity, sixteen year old Anya Piddling vows to save Scott’s, whatever the cost.
When four books of magic and myth take the world by storm, Anya begins a journey to discover the truth about the author, known only as the Weaver.” – C.M. Lucas.


Then I was lucky enough to be sent two books from the lovely people at Impress Books!

Firstly they sent me Tracey Warr’s new book Conquest: Daughter of the Last King which is the first in a trilogy and out on the 1st of October. It follows a Welsh medieval Princess as her world is shattered by the Norman invasion. The Goodreads for the book is here!

“1093. The three sons of William the Conqueror – Robert Duke of Normandy, William II King of England and Count Henry – fight with each other for control of the Anglo-Norman kingdom created by their father’s conquest.

Meanwhile, Nest ferch Rhys, the daughter of the last independent Welsh king, is captured during the Norman assault of her lands. Raised with her captors, the powerful Montgommery family, Nest is educated to be the wife of Arnulf of Montgommery, in spite of her pre-existing betrothal to a Welsh prince.” – Tracey Warr.

Impress Books was also kind enough to send me The Viking Hostage also by Tracey Warr. This book is set in both France and Wales in the late 10th C and follows the story of three women. You can check out the Goodreads here!

“Sigrid is a Pagan and a Norwegian who is captured and held hostage before being sold into slavery in the French Limousin. Aina is heiress to the French fortress of Segur, who longs for a life of travel and adventure as she attempts to resist the unwelcome pressures of arranged marriage. And Adalmode, daughter of the Viscount of Limoges, whose hand in marriage is also the subject of power struggles between the noble families, endures a hopeless love affair with a man who is her father’s prisoner.” – Tracey Warr.


Finally, I was sent two books by Titan Books and I am really excited about the two of these.

Firstly, I received Mark of the Black Arrow (Robin Hood Demon’s Bane #1) by Debbie Viguié & James R. Tuck. This is the first book in a dark magic, fantasy and horror Robin Hood retelling. I absolutely loved Robin Hood when it was on the BBC so I am excited to read this one! The Goodreads for this book is here!

“When the king departs, black sorcery begins to grip the land, threatening noble and peasant alike. Horrific creatures stalk the forests, yet the violence they commit pales when compared to the atrocities of men. A handful of rebels fight back, but are doomed to fail unless they can find a hero to lead them.” – Debbie Viguié & James R. Tuck.

Then I received the sequel The Two Torcs (Robin Hood Demon’s Bane #2), which was released on the 14th of August. I won’t post a summary for this one just in case it contains spoilers, but you can check out the Goodreads for it here!


 I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was quite a long one so well done if you made it all the way to the end! I can’t wait to read all 5 of these books and will be uploading reviews here, on my Goodreads and on my Instagram when I do.

Feel free to share this post or leave me a comment!


11 thoughts on “A Little Book Haul

    1. Uh oh, I hate when that happens (it happens every time)! I made a list of the books I’ve been sent and need to review and I’m not accepting any more until I’m done!

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