Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – Review

I have very mixed feelings about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and so I only gave it 3 stars over on Goodreads. I originally gave it 4 stars but had to go back and change it after thinking about it some more. Usually I only post reviews for 4 or 5 star books on this blog, but as this is the last Harry Potter book I will make an exception. This review is spoiler free!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne – Harry Potter #8

  • UK hardcover – 352 pages.
  • Release date: 31st July 2016
  • Published by Little Brown UK
  • ISBN: 0751565350
  • Goodreads page for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child here!

Although I have mixed feelings, my review is probably still biased because I can’t help but love anything Harry Potter related. I loved it but at the same time I really didn’t like some parts of it. Overall though it was an enjoyable read and I only began to see problems with it after I had finished reading.

I can’t help but agree with other reviews that say this book felt like fanfiction. I have been reading fanfiction for around seven years and I’ve read multiple works in the past with a similar plot line. The main plot point is actually one of my least favourite things to read about in Harry Potter fanfiction and so that didn’t help. I did still enjoy it but I just can’t see it as canon in my mind.

I really like both Albus and Scorpius and would love to read more about them in the future. I am not sure how I feel about the other characters though. It’s strange to read about the golden trio as 40 year old’s, I didn’t feel like I was really reading about Harry, Ron and Hermione. I especially felt like Harry was strange in this book and Ron was pretty pointless, but perhaps that is because they are around 20 years older. I thought Draco was perfect although I do feel annoyed about what happened to him, I think he deserved better.

On a more positive note, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading a play, I flew through it and I weirdly enjoyed reading only dialogue. I think it worked well as a play because the world was already so well-developed in the previous books we didn’t even need any other information. Reading the stage directions etc made me really wish I was going to see the play!

There was one plot twist in this book that I absolutely hated and I can’t believe it at all (I won’t mention it because I don’t want to spoil.) Overall though, I did enjoy reading this book and it shed some light on things we didn’t see in the other 7 books. If I don’t analyse the plot too much and simply enjoy being back in the Wizarding World then I would recommend this book (especially if you enjoy fanfiction!)

If you’ve read The Cursed Child then let me know what you thought of it in the comments, I would love to know! Keep it spoiler free though.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – Review

  1. I really don’t know whether to read it or not – I’ve heard a lot of reviews like this that people were left disappointed by it and I kind of want to stay in my happy HP bubble of it ending with ‘all was well’ but then again I want to see what happens in The Cursed Child… why did they have to do a sequel! (sort of)

  2. Great review! I can’t seem to do one without spoilers haha. But I’m almost the same as you. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the immaturity in some parts. But that will be elaborated in my review (whenever I decide to update and publish it haha.)

    1. I always avoid spoilers in my reviews, but really I want to turn my caps lock on and complain about things haha. Yeah definitely immature in places and I couldn’t believe who the “villain” of the story was. Ridiculous!

  3. I really like how you advise the reader to approach it as fanficiton! I feel like if I do that now, I’ll really enjoy it! I bought it at the midnight release, but have yet to read it! **tbr pile roars** hehe

    1. Hehe yeah, I read lots of fanfiction so I’m pretty good as just picking and choosing what I want to believe! You should read it! I didn’t want to be spoiled for anything so I read it ASAP!

  4. Yeah..we have it in english at bookstores, but I waiting for czech translation. I thing, that is someone other, than Harry Potter series. Who know, how much Rowling make this book. I am curious, what “will be after”. But.. i think, that i will be disappointed.

    1. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed! I just decided that this wasn’t what really happened to it didn’t make me too sad or anything! I hope it’s out in Czech soon!

  5. Definitely agree with the points you raised both positive and negative. I also got that fanfic feel too. If you’re interested I wrote a blog post about all the thoughts I had while reading it, feel free to check it out!

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