I Failed Camp NaNoWriMo (but it’s okay)

Hello, last year during the November NaNoWriMo I managed to write 50,092 of my first book. I should be editing that book right now, but instead I want to take part in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and try to write 30,000 words of another book. I just can’t stop thinking of new book ideas!


I ended up not managing to write the 30,000 words that I had planned but that’s totally okay. Keep reading to see my daily updates from throughout Camp NaNoWriMo and what I plan to write next!

3rd July 2016:

Today I am finally starting Camp NaNoWriMo! I did some writing sprints with the lovely Nazima who blogs over at The Enchanted Bookcase. We arranged to do 20 minutes of non-stop writing and then come back and see how much we each wrote. It was fun to write quickly without worrying about editing and I managed to get my prologue and a scene I couldn’t stop thinking about written!

Word count: 2,966 / 30,000

4th July 2016:

When I sat down to write I realised that I really needed a full map. I already have a detailed map for the first book I wrote, however this new book takes place in a different part of the world. I spent about an hour gathering my rough drafts of maps and putting them together to draw a full coloured one – although I wrote nothing today, I did make progress.

Word count: 2,966 / 30,000

5th July 2016:

I ended up not writing yesterday and then I was out today, so this is me finally sitting down to write at 10pm. Update: It’s 11.18 and I still haven’t written… but I did find this really motivational post by PaperFury – Why You Should Definitely Write A Book!

I did another writing sprint with Nazima who blogs over at The Enchanted Bookcase which helped motivate me and get me going. Tonight whilst I wrote I listened to You Shouldn’t Walk in the Shadows from The Huntsman: Winter’s War soundtrack on repeat, I am obsessed.

I ended up having quite a productive writing night, although I had to google things about injuries and I made myself feel super squeamish and dizzy. It’s 2.30am now so I need to sleep!

Word count: 4,788 / 30,000

6th July 2016:

Today has been quite a good writing day! I still wasted a lot of time so didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I did some planning for the next few chapters and I like where things are going. I spent a lot of time on my Pinterest finding inspiration for characters and the world!

Word count: 6,569 / 30, 000

7th July 2016:

Today I went to see The Legend of Tarzan at the cinema (which was amazing) and so I didn’t write anything during the day. This evening I did another sprint with Nazima (The Enchanted Bookcase) and got 600 words written in 20 minutes which got me off to a good start. I am quite tired today so I ended up not writing much, oops.

Word count: 7,613 / 30,000

9th July 2016:

I was out with FictionTea yesterday and then I was lazy so I ended up not writing anything. Today turned into a really good writing day and I finally passed the 10,000 word mark! As I was writing I started to really love two minor characters so they’ve ended up taking over a few chapters!

Word count: 10,217 / 30,000

15th July 2016:

I haven’t been productive at all these last few days, but tonight I finally did manage to do a little bit of writing. I am behind now so I really need to get a lot done to catch up in the next few days.

Word count: 11,377 / 30,000

16th July 2016:

This evening I really got back into it. I’ve been listening to songs from the game Witcher 3 and they’ve really been motivating me and setting the scene well.

Word count: 13,011 / 30,000

It is now the 26th of July and so I know I won’t get any more writing done as I am going on holiday until the end of the month. So I ended up writing 13,011 / 30,000 words, which is just under half of what I had planned to do.

I can safely say that I failed Camp NaNoWriMo 2016, but here are some reasons why that’s okay:

  1. I drew a full coloured map of my world and so I can now imagine the whole world clearly, which is also helping me plan future books.
  2. I got a lot of character development planned and I have a better idea of where the plot is going.
  3. My Spotify and Pinterest for this book are now pretty great, so when I come back to writing this book I will have lots to motivate me.
  4. I planned a whole new book idea! The idea popped into my mind and I now have pages and pages of plans written.
  5. I did manage to write 13,011 words which I think is still a pretty great achievement!

I think one of the main reasons I couldn’t focus on writing this book, is that I know that the book I finished the first draft of in June still needs lots of work. My mind keeps going back to things I want to add to that book and I am still so engrossed in the story.

My plans for August and the end of this year, in terms of writing, are to redraft and edit the first book I wrote. I want to go back through it and fill in the plot holes and make the numerous changes I have planned. I’m really missing all of those characters so I just need to get focused on it again.

Once I have that book redrafted and edited I will come back to this one, or maybe the other one I planned. Hopefully once the first book is completed and edited within an inch of its life my brain will let me move on to something else!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment or share! If you did Camp NaNoWriMo, did you manage to win? Do you have any writing plans for the near future? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “I Failed Camp NaNoWriMo (but it’s okay)

  1. It’s honestly the truth. It’s good…I’m proud since I just went on break from sixth form so…hopefully I’ll get 50,000 words done by end of August *wishful thinking*

    Naz is to blame since she keeps watching and interrupting sprints one way or another

  2. In my opinion you did pretty good. If that were me I wouldn’t have made it to a thousand words! Is this book also inspired by Scottish folklore just as the other one?

  3. 13k is a fantastic achievement! Reading this writing update was very inspiring for me, since I was in such a slump over the summer. But now that I’m working off of a schedule, I’ve been very productive! I get between 1-2k a day now.

    I’ve been wanting to make an update for my writing, though I haven’t gotten around to it. But after reading your post, I think I’m going to get started on that! Oh, and I also just gave you a follow on Spotify. I’m really liking your taste in music. 😉

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading, I’m glad it inspired you a little! I think I’m going to try and give myself a schedule to get motivated again! You should definitely do a post, I’d love to read it! Oh I’m surprised you found me, I’ll need to follow you!

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