Fairy Loot

I was lucky enough to be asked to be a rep for a UK based monthly YA subscription box called Fairy Loot. The owner Anissa contacted me asking if I would like to be a rep and I of course said YES! I received the April, May and June boxes (which have been amazing), and I have also became friends with Anissa (who is lovely) and met so many people during the monthly #FairyChat over on Twitter!

This was my first time being a rep and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier product to rep for! Thank you so much Fairy Loot for giving me this chance! Read on to find out more about my experience:

Fairy Loot 3

I thought I would start of by letting you know what was in each of the boxes I received. I loved each and every box, but I think that June’s Classic Twist box was probably my favourite of them all. Each box is filled with great items and it’s so fun to receive book merch from small businesses as I don’t often buy merch.

April Box 2016 – Intrigue.

  • The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead + Bookmark and temporary gem tattoos.
  • Full sized Hunger Games Funko – I received President Snow.
  • Exclusive Glittering Court poster from Behind The Pages.
  • An exclusive vanilla bean candle.
  • The Wrath & The Dawn sampler.

May Box 2016 – High Fantasy.

  • Ruined by Amy Tintera + Personalised letter, bookmark, art card and signed bookplate.
  • Dragon bracelet from My Clockwork Castle.
  • Dragon pocket mirror from MelissaNettleship
  • A Game of Thrones mystery mini Funko – I received Hodor.
  • Dragon Age sticker from SparksCrafts.
  • A minimalist Legolas poster.

June Box 2016 – Classic Twist.

  • Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh + Bookmark, signed bookplate, postcard and letter.
  • Full sized Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Funko – I received Elizabeth Bennet.
  • Exclusive Bronte’s Secret Candle from William and Joseph.
  • Swallow earrings from House of Wonderland.
  • 3 literary quote bookmarks from Fable and Black.
  • Mini Pride and Prejudice watercolour poster.
  • A Chapter 5 “Proud to be Bookish” bracelet.

If you want to see pictures of each full box then check out my Bookstagram WeeReader or check out the Fairy Loot page about past boxes here!

My 5 favourite items:

  1. I love the dragon bracelet from the May box so much!
  2. The three literary quote bookmarks from the June box are so gorgeous, I’ve been using them a lot and they look great in Bookstagram pictures.
  3. I love the dragon pocket mirror from the May box.
  4. The vanilla bean scented Intrigue candle from the April box smells so good!
  5. Finally, receiving full-sized Funkos is the best! So I love the President Snow and Elizabeth Bennet Funkos from the April and June boxes.

Fairy Loot 1

The books:

As fantasy is my favourite genre, I love that the Fairy Loot books are always fantasy. I haven’t yet read any of the three books, but that is because I’ve had a bit of a slump recently and not because I don’t want too. I feel very guilty about it!

I am excited for each of these books, but I think that Ivory and Bone is the book I am most looking forward to reading. I’ve heard great things about it. You can find a full review for each of these books (once I read them) over on my GoodReads account!

Fairy Loot 2

My experience repping for Fairy Loot was absolutely brilliant. The owner Anissa was lovely and I am so glad to have met her. I loved Fairy Loot so much that I actually bought their July box myself and will continue to buy them when I have the money!

As this was my first time being a rep I was unsure what it would be like, however the owner Anissa made me feel comfortable and so included with the Fairy Loot team from the beginning. I never felt pressured to post about the box and can honestly say that I loved every moment.

If you are looking for a YA subscription box then I highly recommend Fairy Loot, especially if you live in the UK or Europe as the postage is much cheaper and quicker than with USA based subscription boxes.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to share or leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!


7 thoughts on “Fairy Loot

  1. I’ve been eyeing Fairy Loot for ages but alas, I live in India and it’s just too expensive to try and get it here. Congrats on being a rep for them Christine. They sound like a wonderful team!

  2. I’ve always loved the look of the Fairy Loot boxes! Hopefully I’ll be able to get one one day 🙂 Great post! You’re lucky to have been a rep for them!

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